The Power of Independence

Free To Be Fully on Your Side

Since 2008, Excel Financial has served as an advisor to individual investors and business benefit program providers seeking full-service advisory engagements. 

Like many of the businesses we serve, we’ve long adhered to an independent business model, driven by process management and unencumbered by bureaucratic bloat. Why should you care? As an independent advisor, we are free to be: 

  • Unbeholden: We’ve got no corporate sales agendas; no pressure to push one product over another. 
  • Innovative: When we discover or devise an even better way to advance our clients’ financial well-being, we can promptly implement it. No red tape required.
  • Collaborative: When we identify new alliances worth adding to the mix, we can bring them on board quickly (We can also swiftly end third-party relationships that no longer serve our clients’ needs).

Most of all, independence means our interests are aligned with yours, with no obligations to anyone but you, and your best financial interests.

Are you ready to discover the power of independence?

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