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Your Business Benefits™

What does Excel Financial’s Your Business Benefits™ program offer you and your employees?

Imagine offering a benefits program that actually benefits you and your employees. Here’s how we do it.

  • Serious planning, robust process management. We employ the same rigorous process management you depend on for the rest of your business operations. By quantifying desirable outcomes, accurately assessing actual outcomes, and coordinating every component, we’ll build on your benefit program’s success stories every step of the way, while rooting out its hot spots.
  • Team power. Best-laid plans work wonders when you’ve got the right roles, relationships and resources on board – team-oriented, fiduciary-minded and powerfully independent.
  • Deliberate outcomes. Your employees can’t wait for random luck to strike their retirement resources and related benefits. Our evidence-based solutions replace wishful thinking and rash reaction with informed understanding and efficient investing.

Why doesn’t everyone offer this level of care for you and your employees? Who knows! It’s how we’ve been serving businesses since 2008. We hope you’ll be in touch today to learn more.


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Breaking The Mold

Serious Planning, Robust Process Management

Our favorite ideas are the ones that seem so obvious, it’s hard to believe nobody thought of them sooner. That’s the idea behind Excel Financial’s Your Business Benefits™.

  • The “secret” to running a successful benefits program, hidden in plain sight: We’ve based our plan support services on the same process-management mindset most business owners use to build, expand, and protect their thriving operations.
  • Maybe it’s because we’re business owners too: With real-world business and IT expertise to augment our financial planning credentials, it occurred to us when we founded Excel Financial in 2008: Why not best meet the 2006 Pension Protection Act’s procedural requirements by applying this same process-management mindset to protecting people’s financial well-being?
  • Here’s where it gets interesting: When we looked for other process-managed benefit planning services…we couldn’t find any. Apparently, we are charting new territory by bringing best-practice business operations into the employee benefits world.
  • Your Business Benefits™: Since what we envisioned didn’t yet exist, we built it ourselves. From one business owner to another, check out what gives our program its Excel Edge.


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The Excel Edge

Cultivating the Things That Matter.

  • For You – We’ll join your team to provide the tools and support services to run your program the right way. We’ll help you manage liabilities, improve outcomes, and simplify administration with our co-fiduciary investment advisory and management services.
  • For Your Company – Combining our business, technical and financial know-how, we’ll help you tailor your benefits program to attract top-notch talent with a competitive, cost-effective edge.
  • For Your Employees – We’ll engage with you to support, educate and prepare your employees for retirement-ready results.

Cultivating the Power of Independence.

As an advisor to business owners and individual investors, independence is our calling card. We’re free to be:

  • Focused on our clients’ best interest
  • Grounded in a rational, academic approach to building and preserving wealth
  • Knowledgeable by investing heavily in training, education and ongoing development
  • Dedicated to genuine connections and ongoing relationships
  • Principled and true to our core values: integrity, humility, and the value of an honest day’s work


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Intentional Wealth

Deliberate Outcomes

Business owners want to offer outstanding benefits programs that are safe and easy to manage and attract and retain top talent. Employees want to provide for themselves and build toward their ideal retirement.

For this, you and your employees deserve more than a one-off meeting, a take-home brochure, and an overwhelming list of “DIY” investments. Your Business Benefits™ delivers:

  • Start-to-Finish Support. Upfront and ongoing, your employees receive the tools, technology, and expert assistance they need to budget, save, spend, invest, and generally make better decisions about their benefits.
  • Evidence-Based Investing. We’ll introduce your employees to the same evidence-based investment strategies and solutions we use to help individual investors build personal wealth. Our model portfolios help plan participants invest efficiently toward their goals, while managing the market risks involved.
  • Process Management Monitoring. How do you know if you’re fulfilling your fiduciary duty to oversee your benefits program? Measure it! Our exclusive Benefit Plan Monitor™ report card provides quarterly performance metrics on what’s working well, and where adjustments may be warranted … whether you’re tracking participation rates, advisory services, investment outcomes, or more.


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