The Excel Edge

The Excel Edge

Cultivating the Things That Matter.

  • For You – We’ll join your team to provide the tools and support services to run your program the right way. We’ll help you manage liabilities, improve outcomes, and simplify administration with our co-fiduciary investment advisory and management services.
  • For Your Company – Combining our business, technical and financial know-how, we’ll help you tailor your benefits program to attract top-notch talent with a competitive, cost-effective edge.
  • For Your Employees – We’ll engage with you to support, educate and prepare your employees for retirement-ready results.

Cultivating the Power of Independence.

As an advisor to business owners and individual investors, independence is our calling card. We’re free to be:

  • Focused on our clients’ best interest
  • Grounded in a rational, academic approach to building and preserving wealth
  • Knowledgeable by investing heavily in training, education and ongoing development
  • Dedicated to genuine connections and ongoing relationships
  • Principled and true to our core values: integrity, humility, and the value of an honest day’s work