Evidence-Based Investing

Investing for a lifetime…yours.

While Wall Street wants you to believe otherwise, investing need not be so stressful. Daily, we are bombarded with market data, projections, and forecasts. There seems to be no end to the many “experts” offering impassioned opinions and ardent calls for action.

Ignore the noise.

At Excel Financial, we believe individual investors and retirement plan participants are unlikely to realize investment success and financial independence through the rapid-fire predictions and prognostications of self-proclaimed “experts.” We believe in pursuing a better investment experience through:

  • Prudent investment practices. To help you maintain your resolve and look past daily distractions.
  • Evidence-based investing. Guided by more than a half-century of insights on how to maximize expected returns for given levels of risk exposure, while minimizing the costs involved.
  • Personalized portfolio management. With an investment portfolio structured according to your long-term goals and risk tolerances.

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