Financial Planning

Prudent process, financial straight talk.

At Excel Financial, we employ a financial planning process, driven by your highest financial interests, to:

  • See your big picture: Who are you? What are your biggest challenges and greatest goals?
  • Identify your individual interests: How does each financial component fit into your total wealth? How can we eliminate any gaps or overlaps?
  • Put each piece in place – and keep it there: How will we ensure your plan remains relevant to you, over time and across life’s transitions?

Informed management.

It helps to have all your plans in clear view. Here are a few of the logistics we typically tend to:

  • Personal interests
  • College education funding
  • Professional goals
  • Business succession needs
  • Family dynamics / special needs
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment advice & management
  • Philanthropic and legacy goals
  • Spending / cash flow planning
  • Legacy planning
  • Tax planning & management
  • Risk management (insurance, etc.)


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