Spend & Retire

Put Your Money Where Your Life Is

IRAs, 401(k)s, annuities…Stocks, bonds, real estate…Brokers, bankers, agents…

There are plenty of places to invest your hard-earned wealth. And plenty of intermediaries eager to “assist.” But have you noticed how quiet things get when you’re ready to spend your accumulated assets?

It can be hard to find dependable advice on:

  • Financial Life Planning: How much can you comfortably spend today, while building plenty for tomorrow?
  • Investing: How do you prevent bear markets from destroying your best-laid plans?
  • Retirement Spending: How do you build a sturdy lifetime income distribution strategy – to and through retirement?
  • Tax-Planning: What is the most efficient way to pay yourself in retirement out of your myriad taxable and tax-sheltered accounts?
  • Legacy Planning: How do your legacy goals fit in?

At Excel Financial, we’ll help you bridge that essential gap between successfully earning and confidently spending your lifelong wealth, with “paycheck simplicity” in retirement.

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