Breaking the Mold

Serious Planning, Robust Process Management

Our favorite ideas are the ones that seem so obvious, it’s hard to believe nobody thought of them sooner. That’s the idea behind Excel Financial’s Your Business Benefits™.

  • The “secret” to running a successful benefits program, hidden in plain sight: We’ve based our plan support services on the same process-management mindset most business owners use to build, expand, and protect their thriving operations.
  • Maybe it’s because we’re business owners too: With real-world business and IT expertise to augment our financial planning credentials, it occurred to us when we founded Excel Financial in 2008: Why not best meet the 2006 Pension Protection Act’s procedural requirements by applying this same process-management mindset to protecting people’s financial well-being?
  • Here’s where it gets interesting: When we looked for other process-managed benefit planning services…we couldn’t find any. Apparently, we are charting new territory by bringing best-practice business operations into the employee benefits world.
  • Your Business Benefits™: Since what we envisioned didn’t yet exist, we built it ourselves. From one business owner to another, check out what gives our program its Excel Edge.